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Dehydrated Onions Flakes VS Fried Onion flakes: Which One is Better

Once you have finally decided to switch to packaged onions, then there is a question that all of us face, which is, “Whether to buy the dehydrated ones or the fried flakes.” This blog might help you in figuring that out.

While we compare both types of packaged onions on various fronts, one thing should always be kept in mind while buying, that is the quality. The place from where you buy the packaged dehydrated onion flakes or the packaged fried onions must first be checked for their quality. You can do this by checking out their testimonials and reviews.

Moving on to discuss the much-awaited debate about which is better, the dehydrated onions or the fried ones. The answer to this can be sought with the help of the three things listed below.


Get a clear picture of what exactly you want to use the package onions for.

Health Reasons: If you have started a diet and just moved to eat food that is all bland and not at all tasty then you have the option of buying any of these packaged

onions and spice things up for your taste buds. But if you are going on full diet mode then packaged dehydrated onion flakes should be your first choice, as they will be healthy and have minimal to no amount of oil in them, providing you with a healthy yet tasty add-on to your dull salads and soups.

Normal Kitchen Use: Packaged onions can easily become a part of your kitchen counter, but when it comes to taste who doesn’t like fried food. The crunch and munch that it provides really satisfies our conscious while the taste elevates our overall experience of the food. Hence, if you are going to use the packaged onions for normal kitchen purposes like using as topping for biryani or in normal vegetable dishes.


The texture of dehydrated onion flakes and fried onion flakes are very different, therefore, here you need to choose wisely. Dehydrated onions can stay fresh for usage even without refrigeration for longer as compared to fried ones. If you like your food crunchy then you should surely go for the fried ones, but if you do not like that and just want the flavors of onion to enrich your food then dehydrated onion flakes will be the best choice to make.


The dehydrated flakes are high on health benefits but a little boring taste-wise when compared to fried onions. From managing your sugar levels to your hair problems, you can use the dehydrated onion in many ways, making it multipurpose outside the kitchen as well.

But when it comes to fried onion flakes, they are also multipurpose but only inside the kitchen, for example, you can mince them, turn them into a powder form and then use it to make finger-licking sauces, or you can sprinkle them on any type of dish, from Western to North Indian to South Indian, it works with everything. And if you think that’s not possible then try it for yourself and we assure you that you will not regret it.

With this, now you know which one is better, the golden fried onion or the packaged dehydrated onion flakes, the answer being both, as it all depends on your personal needs and the purpose you want to use them for.

If you are still unsatisfied, then you can try Kings Fried Onions products, and settle this debate yourself with the help of your taste buds.

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