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Five Amazing Benefits of Dried Ginger Powder!

The process of dehydrating any food item increases its shelf life but also rips it off of valuable nutrients. Ginger is one of the few edible roots that retains all its nutritional value even after it has been dried up.

Kings Ginger powder, also popularly known as ‘saunth’ in the Indian subcontinent is made from fresh ginger that is handpicked. The skin and texture of the ginger are well examined, washed, dehydrated, and ground up into the best ginger powder. The ginger that we use to make Kings Ginger powder is the best grade of ginger and has the maximum nutritional values, making it a great option to make this beneficial powder. Dried ginger powder has a shelf-life that lasts for as long as a year.

What are the benefits of Kings Ginger powder?

Is a cure for upset stomach

Dealing with an upset stomach can get extremely uncomfortable, ginger is anti-inflammatory in nature, which helps the gut to control our digestive juices and stimulates the process of digestion. The addition of ginger powder in foods like; rajma, wada, bhajia, or deep-fried dishes (that are known to induce an upset stomach) can prevent you from gastric problems altogether.

Gives instant relief from the common cold

Ginger powder contains gingerols and shaogals. These two components help fight the common cold. Adding half a tablespoon of Kings Ginger powder to a glass full of lukewarm water will give instant relief to a common cold. Using honey, black salt, and lemon in the ginger-infused water will help get rid of the bitter taste of the ginger powder.

Helps you get rid of pimples

The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger make it an ingredient that is frequent in beauty and skincare products. Using a pinch of ginger powder in your DIY homemade masks will help you unclog pores, reduce redness and fight acne. You can mix 2 tablespoons of rolled oats, a spoonful of honey, a few drops of rosewater, and a pinch or two of Kings Ginger powder into a bowl to make a DIY scrub. Apply this to your face and neck (don’t forget to patch test on your hand before, to find out if your skin is reactive to any of the ingredients in the scrub) and wash it after five minutes. You will be left with smooth and glowing skin.

Culinary benefits of ginger powder

You can use ginger powder to enhance the taste of your favorite masala chai. The aroma of ginger in tea is a classic favorite of Indians all across the world. Add ginger powder to season homemade ginger candies, these candies are really good for digestion. Using ginger powder in rajma, chhole, and different types of Indian curries gives them a nice flavor.

Helps Ease Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Ginger powder mixed with water is a great way to prevent nausea that is experienced by people going through a pregnancy. It is an anti-inflammatory agent, which soothes the stomach. It is also effective when someone is going through motion sickness.

Since the shelf life of Kings Ginger powder is as long as a year, you can stock up your pantry with ginger powder to use throughout the year. You can also order a small amount just to test out the quality of it, we are sure that you will not be disappointed and order more from us. For inquiries and orders visit our website

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