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How Packaged Onion Flakes Are Soon Going To Replace LooseOnions

Onions have always been a part of the great Indian kitchen. There is hardly any dish prepared on a daily

basis at our homes that does not require a little amount of chopped onion as an ingredient. The main

reason behind this popularity is their adaptable nature, as they can be used in side dishes like salads,

salsas, dips, chutneys, or also in flavorful cuisines like biryani, korma, haleem, pulao, etc. Recently the

market has also been flooded with packaged dehydrated onion flakes and fried as well, and many

people like the idea. A little hesitancy can still be seen in adopting this new look of the same onions that

everyone loves and relishes as a part of their daily diet.

While golden fried onion do add to the taste and texture of the dish but many times people who like

buying loose onions might face some problems.

● Chop and Cry

You cannot add raw onion, without chopping it into a dish just like garlic. The onion needs to be

first cut into pieces and then shallow fried, till you see them turn into golden brown onion flakes.

This process will take a lot of time and you will surely cry a lot during it because of the pungent

smell of it.

● Shopping and Bargaining

The cost of onions is always fluctuating, hence, just depending on one source of getting onion is

unreal and bargaining with the vendor is again a cumbersome task and we are not always

successful in acquiring some.

● Longevity

After chopping the onions or even if you leave them out for a very long time is not that high. While

peeled can be refrigerated for around thirteen days whereas if they are chopped as well then they

can be stored for eight days. Therefore, raw onions are also not durable.

If you thought going through the above turmoil was necessary in order to obtain good quality onions, then

the new packaged onion fries might be able to change your process.

● Availability

When you are not able to buy onions because no vendor in your area sells them and then you

have to travel long distances just to buy a kilogram of onions, the whole procedure becomes a

little futile. Instead, you can just order your packaged onion flakes at home from King’s Crispy

Onions and start cooking your favorite dishes right away.

● More Health Benefits

Whether you are buying the dehydrated onions or the fried flakes, both of them are prepared by

the manufacturers while maintaining the quality and hygiene standards along with using lesser oil

that is usually required to fry chopped onion. This results in a quick add-on to the health benefits

provided by the onions. The shelf life of packaged dehydrated onion flakes is higher and they

are bound to become permanent in your kitchen cabinet.

● Easier To Use

On order, the packets that you will receive will contain already peeled and sliced onions, so this is

a blessing for those who hate using a knife, plus you no longer have to unnecessarily cry. All the

onions before being packed are dehydrated through a process hence the products that you

receive have very less moisture present in them, so you can use them to make onion powder as


The shift from buying loose onions to packaged dehydrated onion flakes can take some time, but we

assure you that you will not regret the shift. Just think about all the fun dishes and salads you will be able

to make and enjoy, without any complex cooking involved.

Hop on to King’s Crispy Onion’s online shop to place your first order, today.

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