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Use Crispy Fried Onion To Make Your Dish Tasty and Healthy

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

If green bean casserole or biryani is your favourite dish simply for the crispy fried onions it's topped with, we feel you. We just can't get enough of them.

Watching the onions turn crispy golden brown is so satisfying. Unlike a lot of foods requiring oil frying, these little beauties enhance the flavour of your food without trashing your kitchen. They’re awesome on top of salads or burgers, tacos, golden onion rings or for a topping on casseroles or even just to snack on. The possibilities are endless.

Freshly made crispy fried onions are often used as garnishes in home and at restaurants. It adds flavour to our salads, soups and many other Asian dishes when sprinkled on them. So, to ensure quality and freshness, it’s best that we buy them from shops.

Fried food? No worries

Consuming foods fried in unhealthy or unstable oils can have several negative health effects. In fact, eating them on a daily basis can put you at a higher risk of developing diseases like heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Therefore, it's probably best to limit your intake of fried foods. But, one cannot avoid the use of fried onions as they are often used in many dishes regularly.

It often becomes a psychological barrier for many people who try to search for items that do not have to be deep-fried. However, it is the matter of taste which often makes it harder for people to stay away from any gorgeous crispy onion ring, which is prepared using fried onions. Taste it once, and you will not be able to stay away from it again. But, with the crispy fried onion available in the market, you now not need to worry about calories or the problems that come with eating fried foods.

Using packaged fried onions ensures that the rings remain crispy for a long time. One can even prepare the batter for fried onion rings with the help of processed onion products, purchased from a reputed vendor.

Ways to use dehydrated onions

If you don’t have time for peeling and chopping onions, substituting dried onions is the perfect shortcut in the kitchen. Listed are some ways you can use dried onion flakes in everyday cooking:

  • Add dried onions directly to foods

  • Rehydrate dried onions

  • Use dried onion in dry herb mixes

Dehydrated onions, available in the market in the form of processed food, can be used in the following preparations:

  1. 1.Add to flavour to pizzas and sandwiches

  2. 2.Bring piquancy and crispness to dipping sauces, spreads, salads

  3. 3.Used to flavour soups and stews

  4. 4.Add them to baked potatoes and many taco preparations

  5. 5.Garnish for biryani and pulav

  6. 6.Replacement for fresh onions in any dish

The best part about dehydrated onion flakes is that even if they remain dry outside, they reconstitute and come together to provide wonderful flavour when used in the dish.

Dehydrated onions save cooking time

If it wasn’t for dehydrated onions, then most people would be spending a lot more hours in the kitchen, cooking for their husband, kids, and relatives. Now, with the ready-made fried onion available in the market, one can make their cooking easy and convenient.

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