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Dry Green Chilli Powder Online Shopping in India


Green Chilli Powder is a special culinary product made from drying fresh handpicked green Chilli peppers from farms. These peppers are then processed by removing the stems and grinding them into a powder. You will be astonished to know that green chili powder has a wide area of application and usage, such as the following:


  • Soups and Stuffing Mixes
  • Fast Food Sauces
  • Food Preparations
  • Vegetable Mixes


This powder comes with a long shelf life offering the requisite spicy taste.


What is so special about Green Chilli Powder at Kings Crispy Onions?


The dried Green Chilli Powder at the Kings Crispy Onions is non-perishable as it remains fresh until two years from production. All you need to do is store this powder in a cool and dry place for better preservation.


The green chili powder is convenient to use and comes with no cutting. It comes in a time-saving container with ensures no wastage. You can cook better and quicker using our dry green chili powder. The chili bottle requires less storage space. Our product is easily available and has many usages. The chili powder is also cost-effective with 100 % utilization and reduces price fluctuation. We have also lab-tested pesticide residue as per the European Food standards.


More about our Green Chilli Powder


The Kings Green Chilli Powder is made from good quality homegrown green chilies.


These Chilies give the experience of Asli Teekhapan


We wash and dry our Green chilies are washed and dried naturally. Such a process maintains the hot and spicy flavor of the chili. Thereafter, we grind the chili in an automatic grinder to get a free-flowing powder.  We do not add any preservatives or additives in the process


Features of our Chilli Powder


Although the benefits of choosing our green chili powder can be many, we have listed the prominent one’s for you in the following points:


  • Our green chilli powder maintains a fresh hot-spicy flavor in a free-flowing manner
  • It is a ready-to-use product with long shelf-life
  • Our chili powder also gives a boost to our immunity system as well as our digestive system


Where can you use our Green Chilli Powder?


Anywhere, where you need to spice your food, we can give you the following suggestions for using green chili powder:


  • For sprinkling on salads
  • To make chutneys
  • To make soups and sauces
  • To make vegetable stews


You can add a hot spicy flavor to your delicacies prepared at home by using Kings Green Chilli Powder. Our green chilies are washed and dried by following a natural process. Such a process ensures a hot and spicy flavor.


We grind our paste in an automatic grinder to get a free-flowing powder from preservatives and additives. Our product is ready to use and has a long shelf life, which will enhance your immunity and digestion.


Why choose Kings Crispy Onions for purchasing Green Chilli Powder?


Kings Crispy Onions is a well-known brand known for serving superior quality food items since 2006. As a brand with the biggest production capacity, products at Kings Crispy Onions are produced in line with good hygiene conditions. Today, we have earned ourselves the title of being a leader in terms of quality delivery and innovation in the country.


Product Quality of Kings Crispy Onions


The motto at King's is “QUALITY MATTERS”


We commit ourselves to providing exceptional services of quality and upholding the standards of food safety. Our company members live by the principle “Quality is not an act, it’s a habit”. They insisted on incorporating the same principle in the King’s business model. This ensures us to keep up the legacy. Our food standards are updated periodically to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for quality food products in national as well as international markets.


Proof of our Quality Delivery through Certifications


We have been compliant in garnering the following safety and quality standards certifications:


  • BRC AA


The following is our approach to meeting global standards for sustaining in international markets:


  • State-of-the-art Production Facilities
  • Compliance with global Food Safety Standards
  • Consistent quality delivery
  • Contract farming with Backward Integration
  • In-house cooling Warehouses
  • Sustainability Program
  • Customized Packaging of food items
  • Availability of private label options
  • Advanced in-house Food Labs

Green Chilli Powder

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Not Perishabale- They remain fresh until 24 months upon production.

    Store this powder in a cool and dry place to preserve it.

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