Kings Green Chilli Powder

Kings Green Chilli Powder


Green Chili powder

Asli teekha Pan 

Presenting Kings Green Chilli Powder made from good quality Green chilies to experience Asli teekha pan . Green chilies are washed and dried in a natural process to remain their Hot and spicy flavour and grinded in a automatic grinder to have a Free Flowing powder.  And  it’s made without  adding any preservatives and additives. 

Features: Hot spicy flavour, Free flowing , Ready to use , Long shelf life , improve immunity system , improve digestion 

Usage: sprinkled on fresh salads, chutney , soups  , sauces , preparing vegetables dishes .


To add a hot spicy flavor to the delicacies which you prepare at home, use Kings Green Chilli Powder. We use green chillies that are washed and dried by following a natural process to ensure that they have a hot and spicy flavor and are grinded in an automatic grinder to create a free-flowing powder. They are free from preservatives and additives; they are ready to use and have a long shelf life and will enhance immunity system and improve digestion. You can sprinkle them on fresh salads, soups, chutney, sauces and prepare vegetable dishes.

Not Perishabale- They remain fresh until 24 months upon production.

Store this powder in a cool and dry place to preserve it.

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