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A Mini-Guide to Kings Onion powder

Onion powder is the perfect spice for curries, barbeque rubs, marinades, chipsseasoning, dips, and many more dishes. If you are someone who does not prefer complicated cooking then you can also add onion powder to soups, stews, salads, eggs.

What is Kings Onion powder?

Kings onion powder is made with hand-picked bulb onions that are peeled, washed, turned into dehydrated onions flakes, and ground up in a powder. This powder is used as a seasoning in cooking. Cooking perfect onions can be difficult sometimes. Therefore, a lot of people prefer onion powder over fresh onions as it is easier to handle in complicated recipes. It saves time that fresh onions take up while being chopped. The smell of Onion powder is much stronger than fresh onions so it lasts longer.

What are the benefits of onion powder?

Helps prevent infections

Onion powder contains antibiotic and antimicrobial properties. This makes it an extremely healthy seasoning. It has the ability to ward off many infections and provide relief from them. Onion powder also keeps fungal and bacterial infections at bay.

Helps in treating cough and cold

Onion powder is packed with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties give it the advantage to treat cold and cough. Onion powder helps get rid of chest and nasal congestion. It can also give relief to people who are suffering from bronchitis and asthma. A tablespoonful of onion powder mixed in lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning is said to have brought relief to people suffering from bronchitis.

Reduces hair fall

Onion powder contains bio-active ingredients. These ingredients play an impressive role in reducing hair loss. It helps build up collagen in the scalp, which increases the blood circulation in the roots of the hair (stimulating hair growth). The antifungal properties of onion help reduce dandruff and scalp infections. Drinking onion powder-infused lukewarm water every day can strengthen your hair.

Helps control diabetes

Our ginger and onion powder is laced with hypoglycemic properties. These play a key role in reducing the blood sugar level of the body. The sulphur and quercetin present in onion powder help release sugar into the bloodstream and increase insulin in the body. This reduces some symptoms of diabetes like fatigue, frequent urination, etc.

How to store Onion powder?

Just like other dehydrated spices or seasonings, Kings onion powder can be stored in the bottle that it comes in. Refrain from exposing it to sunlight because this may make it lose its aroma. Any dry powders, like ginger and onion powder, have a long shelf life and can be kept in a cabinet for as long as twelve months. So, say no more to tears and order kings onion powder from

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