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Four wonderful uses of dried mint powder!

Growing and maintaining fresh mint leaves can get difficult. As it is an aggressive herb that grows rapidly. Kings Mint Powder is a substitute for fresh mint leaves. The best thing about mint powder is that; it has a very long shelf life. Fresh mint leaves are difficult to store because they occupy a lot of space. However, Kings mint powder comes in compact bottles that occupy little to no space.

Mint powder has a much higher concentration level than fresh mint leaves. For instance, a teaspoonful of mint powder would give flavor equivalent to a cup of mint leaves. Still, the quality of mint used to make powder determines its flavor. We use tender and fresh mint leaves to make Kings Mint Powder. We only use green mint leaves and discard any hard stems before turning this herb into a powder.

What are the uses of dried mint powder?

Used in cooking

Many South Asian cuisines use dried mint powder. It gives them a cool and refreshing aftertaste. Adding mint powder to curries, stews, pestos, and casseroles is quite popular. If you are not familiar with complex cooking styles, then you can simply sprinkle the mint powder on salads, soups, grilled chicken, fruit, or curd.

Used in preparing tea

Tea is the ultimate beverage when it comes to bust your stress. Mint tea is known for its healing properties. Tea made from fresh mint leaves can be too strong or even bitter in taste. Using mint powder is the best way to prepare mint tea.

Used as an air freshener

The aroma of mint is uplifting. Mint powder can be used as a natural air freshener at your home. Adding mint powder to potpourri and placing that in ornamental bowls, mason jars, glass vases on top of a table in your living room will elevate the fragrance of mint.

You can also simmer Kings mind powder in water to infuse the room with a minty fragrance. Place tiny paper bags filled with mint powder in your wardrobe to prevent the smell of moist clothes.

Used to ward off pests

The strong smell of Dried mint powder can keep any pests away from your property. Insects and pests are sensitive to the smell of mint. The concentration level of Kings Mint Powder is perfect to keep them away from your garden and indoors.

The stronger the scent of mint powder, the better of a repellent it becomes for house flies, fleas, mice, and small ants. Keeping sachets filled with mint powder in the affected areas can keep these insects and rodents away.

Wrapping up

The shelf life of Kings Mint powder is as long as a year, so stock up your pantry with mint powder that can be used throughout the year. You can also order a small amount just to test out the quality of it, we are sure that you will not be disappointed and order more from us. For inquiries and orders visit our website

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